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The First Top 10 Strongest Sharks in Hungry Shark World

The Rules in Top 10 Strongest Hungry Shark World :
– Only Playable Sharks
– All Sharks Max Level
– Skill Already Activated
– No Gold Rush
– No Equipment
– No Pets
– The Battle Start with Each Sharks at Far Left & Far Right Screen

Hungry Shark World on Android.

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. How tf u make 11 million coins in 4 minutes

  2. U don't need jelly fish eater for meltdown lol overpowered

    Edit 6/6/21: Wow I got Alpha zombie shark, Dark magic shark and meltdown shark (chronologically) in practically 2 days!

  3. 𝘼𝙉𝘼𝙉𝙔𝘼. 𝙀. 𝙎 says:

    I want dark magic king

  4. Hey, im decide to buy one of these 3 shark. Can someone recommend the best one between Ancient Megalondon, Alpha Zombie or Meltdown shark?

  5. Always it will be my favourite atomic shark

  6. When do sales happen cause I really want the Dark magic shark lol

  7. Although I played the game for a few years (2years and not daily) I still have to get alpha zombie shark and shin sharkjira.Also at the time of the this list imo meltdown shark is better than dark magic shark,the core meltdown does shout to different directions but they are equally strong as that of the dark magic sharks laser

  8. Is it just cause the side fins of the megalodon lokks like a chicken XD

  9. There’s nobody talking about how he has 11 million coins with 5000 gems

  10. I think The Frenzy is also very strong, isn't it ?

  11. Naahhh ancient mega London better than alpha zombie shark

  12. Dark magic shark is too op, i can get 100k coin in one single game in apocalypse map with those shark and i never got 100k coin with the other shark

  13. Anyone else realise that mr snappy can crwal on land

  14. I have played for 3 weeks and I have unlock all the sharks

  15. USA mods se comio UN Medusa que El megalodon no se come

  16. For me I love using mr snappy because of his amazing speed and the ability to breathe air

  17. Is shin sharkjira is the 2nd evolve sharkjira???????🦈🦈

  18. Dark magic shark is a best of world strong shark because I have DARK MAGIC

  19. 1 is Dark magic shark😎😎 my favourite because hi has laser over powers bean shot The winner is Dark magic shark

  20. Fun facts:robo shark is zombie shark and he use for revenge on everyone in this game

  21. Out of all ten strongest sharks i only have, megalodon, Mr. Snappy, Alpha zombie, and Dark magic shark.

  22. No way, i have the magic shark after getting the great white

  23. 1:57 how is the big momma better than zombie when he destroyed him lie, it was nothing his pets didn’t even help

  24. my first !! shark was the orca cause it was on sale, then i grinded pearls for my first apex, meltdown. also i only played for 5 days.

  25. Shin sharkjira and cósmic Alan and dark magic

  26. Siempre me pregunté el por qué el Megalodón es el único tiburón grande sin poderes.

  27. Bro meltdown shark is better like in wastelands i got 35 gems and max pearls almost all my runs


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