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ZOMBIE SHARK!!! – Hungry Shark World | Ep 30 HD

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NEW ZOMBIE SHARK!!! You get to turn any shark into a ZOMBIE?!?!

This update isn’t live yet but it’s really close. I was allowed to show case the new shark that’s coming with it, the ZOMBIE SHARK!! It has an awesome ability that turns any shark into a zombie and they start eating things for you, until they explode and take out everything around them. Tasty.

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The Sharks are back, and this time they are taking on the entire Earth! Take control of a very Hungry Shark in this action packed aquatic adventure. Survive as long as possible by eating everything that gets in your way!

Hungry Shark World opens up a brand new adventure with addictive fast-pace gameplay, console quality graphics, multiple massive levels to explore and epic enemies to chomp down! Loads of sharks to control and more of our own special blend of FGOL humour than ever before, Hungry Shark World is the ground breaking new game that you will play until the end of time! Hope you brought your charger!


  1. I feel like u don't save gems u just buy them no way u get 2k

  2. my dad always laght when my shark can fly

  3. Can you give me some of your gym so I can get some more sharks

  4. And I like your videos this game that you're playing is my favorite game I love sharks and I love the first one

  5. Zombie shark = mind controlled megaladon

  6. Zombie shark:
    It's like a megalodon
    But bacc from da ded and ready to atac for B R A I N Z

  7. fun fact that big mega is the mega when he has hungry

  8. But gunfight try but by the zombie shark deff duty fury

  9. Him: buying with 1500 gems
    Me: buys with offer for 170 gems

  10. Wait a minute zombie whale shark. zombie atomic shark. Zombie dunkleoteus

  11. As I watched him purchase the shark my tears burster hoping that I could get atleast a basking or Megamouth shark or even great white

  12. One time I got 1,000,000 points under I minute!

  13. I really did get 1,000,000 points in under a minute.

  14. Fun fact: the zombie shark is just a zombie megalodon

  15. I was laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. the zombie shark looks like a zombie megladon

  17. That zombie shark in the background BE STREEEEETCHIN'

  18. The zombie shark is definitely better than the atomic shark

  19. Even though the atomic shark can eat the red jellyfish and the zombie shark can’t eat the red jellyfish
    The zombie shark is better

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